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Do I really need a Windows '95 disc? That can be booted from a Dos prompt because it was made before CD-Roms were bootable?

No. I didnt think so either. So I tossed it in the trash. Along with some Windows 98, and 2k. And some Linux distributions, and a crapload of old burned games. In short, I threw out a lot of old stuff that I really really will never need or use, and which was just taking up valuable real estate on the desk.

A little more to go still. Someday, with Luna and Barley as my witnesses, I will have the office clean. Not so much clean, but in a state that I call 'done.' This I swear.

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I know the feeling. I'm rather affraid to tackle the 4-ish 100pk spindles full of used disks accumulating all the crap i've downloaded in the ages. If i were a smart man, i'd just say "If I don't use them now, I won't use them later" and just toss them without even looking. But I'm not. I believe I still have a good 5000 mp3s on them that aren't on the hard drives.

P.S. Fix your link to Ninsi's site.

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