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October 4, 2005


In class this week. Learning stuff. More or less. Most of the learning will be when I actually get back to work and start trying to apply it.

Sunday, was productive. As Ninsi wrote about. The transplanted shrubs are looking weak, but I've not given up on them yet. One rose bush looks good, the other, not so much.

Girls, did you ever put on an outfit just to go out of the house in, and not worry to much about how it looked? Only to get to where you were going, and see someone else in a very similar outfit? But they make it look just really really horribly wrong, and that makes your boyfriend want to point and laugh at you, while making you want to kick him in the nuts?

That ever happen to you? Uh, it never happened to Ninsi on Sunday either, uh, so don't ask her about it.

Break almost over. Back to my lernin'

October 7, 2005


I now know way more about SMS than I did. It is probably all I will doing at work for a week or two now. woo

My monitor here in the class sucks. Everything is too dark. Yes, I have tried lightening things up, but it remains dark. Making it bery difficult to read most of the blogs, since no one uses light backgrounds with dark type. It's the other way. I have to highlight everything in order to read it.

On the upside, should be done by noon today!
Then it's too the vet, with the dogs!

October 10, 2005

The Beer can Flow

Back at work now. Joy and Happy times.

Fairly uneventful weekend. Ninsi told pretty much all there was to tell. Went out, watched some football. Just lay around the house most of Sunday. One thing of possible significance though did happen in the garage.

We have a refrigerator in the garage. I had thought at one time of getting a double tap for it, and putting a couple of pony kegs in there for beer drinking. But then, one day, several months ago, we lost power to the wall that the fridge was on. We also lost power to the hottub about the same time. I never figured out what the issue was, but eventually, I flipped the hottub breaker and it started again. I thought maybe the refrigerator would as well. No dice. The outlet was still dead. So I forgot about it for a while, figuring I would get an electrician out at some point to look at it. Yesterday, however, I thought I'd see if there was another socket in the garage that I could just move the fridge to.

There was another socket, on the opposite wall. I blugged in something else to see if it was live, but the socket was dead. It was a GFCI outlet though, and I pushed the reset button on it, and Walla! the outlet started working, and so the refrigerator at the same time. So, something tripped a circuit a long ass time ago, and all I needed to do was reset the socket on the opposite wall from the fridge, and this issue would have been done long since. Now I know. Stupid wiring.

October 12, 2005

Rip fish

Monday morning, Ninsi fed the fish, Efisaitch. Monday afternoon when we got home, I went to feed him, and he was belly up. Poor beta. I buried him decently. More or less.

I went to the bookstore yesterday at lunch to buy a book I'd been waiting for. When I got there, I saw a cop had pulled over a guy on a bicycle. Lights flashing and everything. I thought it was kind of funny. As I was walking into the store, another cruiser pulled up and turned on his lights as well. I went in, bought my book, and came back out. By this time, a third police guy had joined the first two. So now, there were three police cars with their lights flashing, and one guy with a bicycle. They arrested the guy, I watched them put him in the first car.

My question is: How the fuck fast do you have to be going on a bike for the cop to require extra backup for your ass?

October 14, 2005

Chain gang

Long week at work. Slow week too. But busy, mostly. I would like to say that it is almost over, but it isn't. It is 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday, and I can go home in a couple hours, but I have to come back up here tonight and put in a few more hours worth. Time to install a new switch. Im a wild man on Friday nights. You best believe it...

At least with me not being home, Ninsi will hopefully be able to get some solid studying in for her final on Tuesday. We'll all (everyone, me/her/you the reader) be much happier when Tuesday has passed as it means no more of this ass-class for her. On to more enjoyable studying.

Time to start prepping for what I will be doing tonight. Get as much done while I can, so that I may not be up here to long if'n I can help it.

Congrats to Halo on his nuptials today. Sorry I had to miss it.

October 18, 2005


It's been a busy week so far. No real signs of slowing down. But I dont really think that is an excuse for not posting. I have been blog-lazy the past week or two, but I'll try to do a little better.

Slow weekend, with Ninsi spending a fair chunk of it studying. Barley ate one of her favorite pair of shoes Thursday night. So while she was studying on Saturday, I went to the mall and found a new pair for her. Shoe shopping. Yes, it hurt. I also went to jewelry to look at some wedding stuff. Jewelry stores and shoes stores. By myself.

On the way home, I had to stop at Home Depot because I was starting to break out in hives. I survived. Barely.

Wichita looming. Taking Friday and Monday off from work. Driving up there to visit the extended Ninsi family. Picking up the Squid along the way.

October 19, 2005

New every day

Sonic for lunch. I ordered a coney. Foot long. no cheese. And tots! The girl misheard, and thought I wanted cheese on my tots. I corrected her, and she got the order right. When the carhop brought out my order, she apologized to me for mishearing the order. Up until that point, I had never realized that the person taking my order would be the same person that brought me my food at Sonic. I do not know if that is the normal thing for them, or if it just happened that way today. It would actually make sense if it was the norm. That way the carhop is accountable for messed up orders because they took the order themself.

Dont know what I will be having for dinner tonight, but it stands a better than even chance of coming from the Fair. I'd settle for a 1st and Ten burger, but if we go to the Fair, I 'spect we'll just eat something there. Nasty Nachos maybe. yum.

October 20, 2005

Faire fare

Ninsi mentioned the chance of going to the Texas State Fair last night, and since it was the only chance we were going to get to go this year before it was over, we went. We spent about three hours there, which was plenty for me. Had some real nasty nachos. Real bad. We also went through the auto show.

Ford GT. Words can't describe it.

We also talked to my friend from Atlanta that was in town for the fair. He does charicature art at the fair, and has for years. I talked to him for a bit while Ninsi went to look at some jewelry counters. I joined her after a bit. I was wearing an oversized button up shirt with The Incredible Hulk on it. It's very bright, and when I wear it, I often get comments on it. This night, no different. The woman behind the jewelry counter looked at me, and it went something like this...
her: "Wow! That's some shirt!"
me: "Yes it is. Thank you."
her: "Anyone I know?"
me: "Uh, it's The Incredible Hulk."
her: "...One of my favorites."

I was initially thrown by the 'anyone I know' question. Yes, it's your neighbor Dave from the grocery. How many large green men are out there? But then to apparently not know who it was on sight, but immediately claim it as a favorite? Yes, I understand fully now why you are working at a booth at a fair. Diety blessings upon you, poor simple creature.

October 25, 2005

Short people got no reason...

Back from the long Wichita weekend. Most interesting thing to note from the weekend: I stand a full head above anyone else in Ninsi's family. Got pictures to prove it. Im not saying they are short or anything, mind you, but the Squid is taller than some of them, and she isn't even twelve yet.

Halloween parties are this weekend. Not sure yet what Im doing Friday though. Piddlin' I reckon.

October 26, 2005

Dog and Pony Show

I work in a casual environment. A lot of employees don't get into the office until after ten o'clock. And nice clothes are the exception. It isn't uncommon for people to wear shorts and flip-flops. Or even be barefoot in the halls. This week, though, the corporate board is in town, and we have all been told that we have to be in to work by 8:30 in the morning, and to dress business casual. I have no problems being in by that time. I get in that early anyway. No problems dressing business casual. I do sometimes on my own. But telling the whole company to do it just so they can look pretty for the board really annoys me.

It is like we are pretending to be a real company just for the day or so. And tomorrow we can go back to what we were doing. Just smile and look pretty for the chairman, but try not to draw too much attention to yourself or talk to anyone on the board.

Might as well hire a bunch of actors for the day just to come in a pretend like they work here. Surely a whole office full of pretty people would be an even better sight to show the board than the regulars that have just been dressed up.

If I remember to upload the picture, tomorrow we can play the "what the Hell is that?" game with something I found in the garage.

October 27, 2005

More than meets the eye

Went to lunch with a friend today. Not sure it actually got around to it, but the topic of Transformers was touched upon briefly. The friend mentioned that they knew a guy who was just obsessed with Transformers. I didn't figure it was any big deal, since a lot of people have obsessions, until she said "I always know when I call him that he's watching Transformers and jacking off to it."

... okay, glad lunch was over.

October 28, 2005

As promised

The other day I was in the garage cleaning it up a bit. Up near the main door, tucked into the corner, I found something rather unexpected. It was a very long stick, to the end of which a bent hanger had been taped. A gift, Im sure, from the previous owners. I have no idea of its function, but for your edification, I have provided pictures: (click for larger image)

This first pic shows how tall it is with relation to me...

And this second is a close-up of the end of it...

So, I ask you, what in the bloody hell is this thing supposed to be?

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