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As promised

The other day I was in the garage cleaning it up a bit. Up near the main door, tucked into the corner, I found something rather unexpected. It was a very long stick, to the end of which a bent hanger had been taped. A gift, Im sure, from the previous owners. I have no idea of its function, but for your edification, I have provided pictures: (click for larger image)

This first pic shows how tall it is with relation to me...

And this second is a close-up of the end of it...

So, I ask you, what in the bloody hell is this thing supposed to be?

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I told you it's either a snake catchers hook, or a rescue hook for the hottub (as seen here: http://www.wavemaker.ca/images/rescuehook.jpg)


Maybe it's one of those hooks they use to get bad acts off the stage?

I guess you could give an abortion from a few feet away. maybe they threw a party and wanted to float balloons and wanted a way to get them down without popping them.

Nope, no clue man.


Duh. It goes on the back of the Delorean (you know, if you're in a bind) to power the flux capaciter with 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. Which is what makes time travel possible.

Jess - you so win!



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