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Chain gang

Long week at work. Slow week too. But busy, mostly. I would like to say that it is almost over, but it isn't. It is 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday, and I can go home in a couple hours, but I have to come back up here tonight and put in a few more hours worth. Time to install a new switch. Im a wild man on Friday nights. You best believe it...

At least with me not being home, Ninsi will hopefully be able to get some solid studying in for her final on Tuesday. We'll all (everyone, me/her/you the reader) be much happier when Tuesday has passed as it means no more of this ass-class for her. On to more enjoyable studying.

Time to start prepping for what I will be doing tonight. Get as much done while I can, so that I may not be up here to long if'n I can help it.

Congrats to Halo on his nuptials today. Sorry I had to miss it.

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