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Faire fare

Ninsi mentioned the chance of going to the Texas State Fair last night, and since it was the only chance we were going to get to go this year before it was over, we went. We spent about three hours there, which was plenty for me. Had some real nasty nachos. Real bad. We also went through the auto show.

Ford GT. Words can't describe it.

We also talked to my friend from Atlanta that was in town for the fair. He does charicature art at the fair, and has for years. I talked to him for a bit while Ninsi went to look at some jewelry counters. I joined her after a bit. I was wearing an oversized button up shirt with The Incredible Hulk on it. It's very bright, and when I wear it, I often get comments on it. This night, no different. The woman behind the jewelry counter looked at me, and it went something like this...
her: "Wow! That's some shirt!"
me: "Yes it is. Thank you."
her: "Anyone I know?"
me: "Uh, it's The Incredible Hulk."
her: "...One of my favorites."

I was initially thrown by the 'anyone I know' question. Yes, it's your neighbor Dave from the grocery. How many large green men are out there? But then to apparently not know who it was on sight, but immediately claim it as a favorite? Yes, I understand fully now why you are working at a booth at a fair. Diety blessings upon you, poor simple creature.

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