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In class this week. Learning stuff. More or less. Most of the learning will be when I actually get back to work and start trying to apply it.

Sunday, was productive. As Ninsi wrote about. The transplanted shrubs are looking weak, but I've not given up on them yet. One rose bush looks good, the other, not so much.

Girls, did you ever put on an outfit just to go out of the house in, and not worry to much about how it looked? Only to get to where you were going, and see someone else in a very similar outfit? But they make it look just really really horribly wrong, and that makes your boyfriend want to point and laugh at you, while making you want to kick him in the nuts?

That ever happen to you? Uh, it never happened to Ninsi on Sunday either, uh, so don't ask her about it.

Break almost over. Back to my lernin'

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