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Sonic for lunch. I ordered a coney. Foot long. no cheese. And tots! The girl misheard, and thought I wanted cheese on my tots. I corrected her, and she got the order right. When the carhop brought out my order, she apologized to me for mishearing the order. Up until that point, I had never realized that the person taking my order would be the same person that brought me my food at Sonic. I do not know if that is the normal thing for them, or if it just happened that way today. It would actually make sense if it was the norm. That way the carhop is accountable for messed up orders because they took the order themself.

Dont know what I will be having for dinner tonight, but it stands a better than even chance of coming from the Fair. I'd settle for a 1st and Ten burger, but if we go to the Fair, I 'spect we'll just eat something there. Nasty Nachos maybe. yum.

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You should try Club Schmicks (may be Schmitz) on Harry Hines for their chili cheeseburger. Not Ron's, but it doesn't suck either.

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