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Rip fish

Monday morning, Ninsi fed the fish, Efisaitch. Monday afternoon when we got home, I went to feed him, and he was belly up. Poor beta. I buried him decently. More or less.

I went to the bookstore yesterday at lunch to buy a book I'd been waiting for. When I got there, I saw a cop had pulled over a guy on a bicycle. Lights flashing and everything. I thought it was kind of funny. As I was walking into the store, another cruiser pulled up and turned on his lights as well. I went in, bought my book, and came back out. By this time, a third police guy had joined the first two. So now, there were three police cars with their lights flashing, and one guy with a bicycle. They arrested the guy, I watched them put him in the first car.

My question is: How the fuck fast do you have to be going on a bike for the cop to require extra backup for your ass?

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