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The Beer can Flow

Back at work now. Joy and Happy times.

Fairly uneventful weekend. Ninsi told pretty much all there was to tell. Went out, watched some football. Just lay around the house most of Sunday. One thing of possible significance though did happen in the garage.

We have a refrigerator in the garage. I had thought at one time of getting a double tap for it, and putting a couple of pony kegs in there for beer drinking. But then, one day, several months ago, we lost power to the wall that the fridge was on. We also lost power to the hottub about the same time. I never figured out what the issue was, but eventually, I flipped the hottub breaker and it started again. I thought maybe the refrigerator would as well. No dice. The outlet was still dead. So I forgot about it for a while, figuring I would get an electrician out at some point to look at it. Yesterday, however, I thought I'd see if there was another socket in the garage that I could just move the fridge to.

There was another socket, on the opposite wall. I blugged in something else to see if it was live, but the socket was dead. It was a GFCI outlet though, and I pushed the reset button on it, and Walla! the outlet started working, and so the refrigerator at the same time. So, something tripped a circuit a long ass time ago, and all I needed to do was reset the socket on the opposite wall from the fridge, and this issue would have been done long since. Now I know. Stupid wiring.

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