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November 1, 2005

Post Hallow

Failure to post yesterday was a direct result of being on the phone with Microsoft from the time I got back from lunch, until I finally left for the day. Over four hours. Sometimes, they really know what they are doing, and sometimes they don't. Either way, it will take them a goodly long while to get anywhere for you.

When I finally did make it home, Ninsi and I ate dinner, and basically waited for Halloweeners to come for our candy. And cleaned in the meantime. We were expecting plenty of younglings, since there are dozens of kids on our street alone, and uncountable numbers in the near neighborhood.

We got about 10. Fairly disappointing turn-out, I think. Of course, I think Luna scared some of them quite a bit once. We don't need no steenking scary things hanging in the windows when we have a dog that goes off like a Hellbeast whenever someone knocks. She do be fearsome sounding.

November 2, 2005


Bleach is a right powerful cleaning agent. Dangerous in the wrong hands, dead useful in the right. Something to be respected, not feared. Men and women use it differently though, I expect.

Men know that another 1/2 cup of bleach in the wash on top of whatever has already been spilled in, will only help the process. But men also know the limits. You can literally smell when there is enough.

Women measure exact amounts to put in at the right time. It's cute.

Ninsi, having been impressed with my mad bleaching skills, tried to 'bleach like a man,' herself. So, Monday night, when I am folding clothes, I come across a dress of hers that I have never seen her wear before. It's white. I figured it had been packed away or something and just needed to be rewashed since it seems to still have a slight dinge to it. When she came downstairs, I asked Ninsi how long she'd had the dress. She looked at it closely, and said "that dinge you see, used to be blue."

Yes, folks, Ninsi has completely obliterated the print off of her dress. Lesson learned? Maybe. Dress ruined? Probably. Funny as hell? Definately.

November 3, 2005


I probably scarred Barley for life the other night. He was running around in the kitchen, and so I tiptoed to the entryway, and as he was rounding the island, I ran in and screamed at him. It was just like a cartoon as he started reversing on all four legs. But the dogs can't get very much traction on the hardwood in the kitchen and he was just slipping and skidding and then his butt hit the floor and he wound up flopping over backwards before he could manage to get turned around and bolt for the dog door. He didn't quite make it to the dog door before he stopped and turned around to look at me. I think he finally realized that I wasn't about to eat him, but was actually someone he knew. That was now laughing at him.

Poor puppy. It's still funny.

November 4, 2005


Software Assurance is a dubious thing. On the one hand, it ensures that we have unlimited support for all of our Microsoft applications, and are free to call them at any time for assistance. On the other side, it means that I was at work until seven o'clock last night working with Microsoft. The problem is still not resolved. But since we have the Assurance, I'll get to talk to them some more. Probably for several hours more. It's great. But slow. Very slow.

Beyond that, nothing is happening. It' has been a long week, and it is finally Friday. Neither Ninsi nor myself has been sleeping well this week. I'm not real sure why, but it may be the weather. We haven't had the AC on for about two weeks now, and it may have warmed up just enough to make it necessary. I think we'll turn it on this evening and see if we sleep better.

I am working on redoing the website. It will still be a week or two before it is redone. Because I'm slow. But then you can all stop bitching about the links and the comments. Because it really seems like that is all you've got to do sometimes.

November 7, 2005

Exciting, we are...

Another Monday. Another day on the phone with Microsoft. I'm actually waiting for them to call me back this afternoon, having already spent some of the morning on the phone with them. The guy I was talking to decided he was going to have to get his supervisor or something involved, and that was going to take some time. So I wait.

Weekend news was largely uneventful. It was a good weekend though. Saturday, Ninsi took her class until 3 pm, and I just puttered around the house. Saturday night, we got really wild, and didn't get home until like 9 pm. Then we sat on the couch for the next few hours and watched Discovery Channel. Does a weekend really get more exciting than that? I think not.

Although, I did put Ninsi's hair into a couple dozen tiny braids while we watched the TV. I thought it looked pretty good, and may be something she should get a professional to do. It also had a lot of body when we took the braids out the next day. You can see a couple pictures on her textamerica page.

November 8, 2005


This is the start of the new blog. Ive cut out almost everything. And may get rid of a couple of the remainders. The links at the top do not work yet. They will eventually. I will also get around to adding back the links to everyone else's blogs. I will probably even put in one or two new ones. Like to the Squid's blog (yes!) and Hopper.

Changes will be neither fast, nor furious. But they will happen.

Some of you may recall that Ninsi and I removed shrubs from the front of the house a while back, and planted rose bushes in their place. This weekend, the bushes began to bloom. This one is supposed to be 'pink.' Um, maybe when it fully opens. The other ones are white. Probably will get two more bushes soon to plant. The rose bushes are pretty much off-limits to Ninsi and her Thumb-of-Plant-Death.

November 9, 2005


New layout is so nice and clean. Seems a crime to despoil it by adding links and crap. I will though. Sooner, or later.

Ninsi mentioned to trip to the vet yesterday for Barley. She didn't mention him jumping out of the car on the way home and running off. We eventually found him under someone's porch. He's got a nice limp in his right hind leg, but he is putting weight on it, so I suspect it is just sore. Nothing broken.

Maybe he learned a lesson. Hopefully he will stop limping soon. But I expect it to be couple weeks. Two hobbled dogs. That's what we's got.

November 11, 2005

Estrogen Influx

It's a ladies weekend at the maison this weekend. Ninsi's mother, grandmother, aunt, and trio of cousins are all coming to Dallas for a weekend of family filled female fun.

Me? Im going to Winstar with Zero for the evening. Not running away or anything like that. No. I'm merely giving Ninsi the opportunity to spend some quality time alone with her mom. I've nothing but the purest intent, I assure you.

Some of you may have noticed the Squid left a comment last night on the new 'dill'. She had just been bragging to me about her spelling abilities. I may have to have a word or two with her about it. Not that I really care about spelling, being a horrible speller myself, but, I get a pass on it by virtue of being the daddy.

November 15, 2005

A list

A checklist for the beer drinkers among you. Top 100 beers. Everyone needs a goal. Print it out, travel the world drinking beer.

The weekend is over. I survived the femme family influx with much greater serenity than did Ninsi. But I was able to get away a lot more. Spent most of the weekend working on the PC actually. Trying to get it reloaded from a hard drive failure.

Ninsi, of course, did all things wedding. And on Sunday, we went suit shopping for me. I think we found one that will eventually be what I wear, but I didnt want to buy it right off. Figured we could look around some. And the guy said that everything was going on sale in a month anyway, and if I can save 10% then, I'm all for waiting. I plan to buy one before Christmas one way or the other.

I've been telling the Squid that I would like to her site. But I do not currently have any links up. I will put them up soon. But in the meantime... Squid blog!

November 16, 2005


Tomorrow Harry Potter. Late. Probably will be a bit late coming in to work on Friday.

Spent most of the day installing and configuring a server. It seems like that is all I do anymore. I still have three more machines to install that I know of. One Linux, one Windows server, and one Windows desktop. But the desktop is for my own testing use at work, so it can wait til I'm ready to do it.

It finally got slightly chilly today. The lower 50s. Should be warmer tomorrow. We've been keeping both dogs outside during the day so Barley did not have to spend all his time in a crate. But with the temperature dropping, I dont know that Ninsi will allow that to continue. May have to start crating him again so Luna can have use of the dog door during the day. That is its purpose, after all.

I've decided I am not real fond of the end of the year. The last six weeks of the year are just way to busy.


The 'other blogs' link above works now. still need to add a few. and make the other links work. But Im getting there.

November 17, 2005


I wore a sweater today. Not a heavy one. More a long sleeve pull-over polyester blend shirt of sorts. And it was fairly cool this morning. And the heat in the office was on.

Standing still, I was generating static electricity. I went to a user's cube to talk to them and stood with my hand on the metal railing of their cube. Without moving, I kept getting little shocks on my hand.

If only I could store all that up and release it when I was ready, then it would be cool. Id just have to figure out how to use it to my best advantage. I could be like, 'lectric-man, or something.

November 18, 2005


The physics of cow-tipping.

This article basically is trying to debunk the 'myth' of cow-tipping. That's all well and good. I am always in favor of physics being used to prove something just can't be done as people always claim it is done. I think the Canadiens that did the report, though, have missed out on a key fact of the tipping process.

Basically, they state that it would take roughly four people to tip a cow. Though two people could do it if they applied the force at the proper angle. But they go on to say that because the cow is living, and would move when someone started pushing on it, that there is no way they would be able to exert enough force long enough for it to move over. Because the cow will walk away.

The point being missed...? When you go to tip a cow, you and your bud do not walk up to the cow, put your hands on it, and push. No. You walk back about 20-25 feet. (or further, depending on how drunk you are, because if your drunk, it will work better if you run farther...) Then, you and your bud run at the cow and hit it firmly with your shoulders, thereby applying enough instantaneous force to cause the cow to tip over and crash to the ground.

At this point you run off, trying to not slip in manure (which you try really hard to avoid when running at the cow as well). You also hope that you haven't killed the cow by giving it a heart attack, and that you haven't dislocated your shoulder by slamming into a half-ton slightly-moveable object.

And No. I have not been cow-tipping.

November 21, 2005

The Dread

This week marks the beginning of the dreaded ending of the year. Thanksgiving and all its trappings. Followed each week by some event or extravaganza to which Ninsi and I must journey. Little time to ourselves, and thousands of cumulative miles to be driven. Yes, it is the most dreadful time of the year.

Worse, is the lack of recovery time for months. You run around rampant until January, and really need an extra day or two to relax and recoop, but the start of the year is holiday desert. No day off (except gov't employees) until something like Memorial Day. Way too long to wait.

I dont hate Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or any of the time in between. I just hate that we have to gogogogogogogo all the bloody time during it.

November 22, 2005

Good intentions => Hell

Sometimes, I forget things. It's an extension of not paying enough attention. But the dogs have food, and that is really all that matters in the end.

Should be able to work from home tomorrow. That will all me to finish up laundry and dishes for the weekend before we head to Tulsa. Hopefully it will be a slow work day and I can finish up the install I'm working on and we can get out of town before too late in the afternoon.

It will take us an insane amount of time to get to Tulsa anyway. There's no getting away from that. But it would be nice to get there before midnight. The drive will probably be extended by about two hours because of traffic. I'm looking forward to it in so many, many way.

November 28, 2005

As expected

Turkey day is done. But there is no time to rest. I think rest is only for the wicked, who do not bother to go see their families for the holidays. Ninsi and I drove up to Tulsa on Wednesday evening, and stayed there til Friday. At which time we did a fair amount of our Christmas shopping with the Squid. Friday evening we headed on down to Eufaula. And between there and McAlester, we stayed until Sunday. Took back the Squid, and then headed on back to Dallas.

I've left out the details. They are trivial. Suffice to say, I drove a lot. And it was windy. It was time spent enjoyably, and the young one may have learned to play Pitch. So it can't be bad.

Small party this weekend. Edmond next weekend. bigger party the next weekend. then christmas. feh.

November 29, 2005

Monkey server

I have a great dislike for the hordes of fellow websurfers out there today. The world over. American Express is offering some holiday specials for the next week or so. Today, on a first come, first serve basis, they had 37" plasma TVs for $750. (retail $2500). There were probably a few million people that clicked trying to get one of those 50 televisions. I wanted one. It would have fit nicely in the living room. On the wall. Damn other web people. Keeping me from my tv.

Next Monday, they offer is a Land Rover. Retail - $55,000. If you click first, you get it for $5000. That's a pretty damn good deal, if you ask me. But Im sure the web monkeys will monkey the server so that I can't get it either. I think it may be inherenetly unfair to people that are more distant. I can't help but think that the more relays I have to hop through reduces my chances of getting through to the server against someone that is actually closer and only has maybe one hop to make.

Stupid web monkeys.

November 30, 2005

Heat Sink

When I started work here, I was given a fairly crappy PC with which to work. After about a year or so, I was able to snag a much better machine, which I still use. My old one, I kept under my desk for test use. I finally broke it completely. So today, I opened it up to see if it had any salvageable bits in it. I'd already taken out the firewire card and ethernet card, but the video card was still there, so I took it out.

It was a really horribly put together machine. Just stupid. But after unscrewing the EIGHT INCH LONG screws that were anchoring one compartment, I found the processor.

Here is a shot of the heat sink I took out of it. It is about 6 inches on a side. My pen is in front of it for perspective, but the white pen on a white desk didn't show very well.

Im also keeping the 8" bolts and giving them to Ninsi as hair sticks. I give the best gifts... (well, at least Im thinking of her, right?)

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