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As expected

Turkey day is done. But there is no time to rest. I think rest is only for the wicked, who do not bother to go see their families for the holidays. Ninsi and I drove up to Tulsa on Wednesday evening, and stayed there til Friday. At which time we did a fair amount of our Christmas shopping with the Squid. Friday evening we headed on down to Eufaula. And between there and McAlester, we stayed until Sunday. Took back the Squid, and then headed on back to Dallas.

I've left out the details. They are trivial. Suffice to say, I drove a lot. And it was windy. It was time spent enjoyably, and the young one may have learned to play Pitch. So it can't be bad.

Small party this weekend. Edmond next weekend. bigger party the next weekend. then christmas. feh.

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