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Bleach is a right powerful cleaning agent. Dangerous in the wrong hands, dead useful in the right. Something to be respected, not feared. Men and women use it differently though, I expect.

Men know that another 1/2 cup of bleach in the wash on top of whatever has already been spilled in, will only help the process. But men also know the limits. You can literally smell when there is enough.

Women measure exact amounts to put in at the right time. It's cute.

Ninsi, having been impressed with my mad bleaching skills, tried to 'bleach like a man,' herself. So, Monday night, when I am folding clothes, I come across a dress of hers that I have never seen her wear before. It's white. I figured it had been packed away or something and just needed to be rewashed since it seems to still have a slight dinge to it. When she came downstairs, I asked Ninsi how long she'd had the dress. She looked at it closely, and said "that dinge you see, used to be blue."

Yes, folks, Ninsi has completely obliterated the print off of her dress. Lesson learned? Maybe. Dress ruined? Probably. Funny as hell? Definately.

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its also great for getting rid of DNA... I'm just sayin

women strange and charming creatures, they do tend to measure don't they. Laura will burn something in the microwave before disobeying the instructions, I really thing it makes her nervous, my tendency to just "wing-it" when cooking in the microwave.

Are you ever going to fix the comments so that they're readable?

probably about the time he fixes all of his links

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