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I wore a sweater today. Not a heavy one. More a long sleeve pull-over polyester blend shirt of sorts. And it was fairly cool this morning. And the heat in the office was on.

Standing still, I was generating static electricity. I went to a user's cube to talk to them and stood with my hand on the metal railing of their cube. Without moving, I kept getting little shocks on my hand.

If only I could store all that up and release it when I was ready, then it would be cool. Id just have to figure out how to use it to my best advantage. I could be like, 'lectric-man, or something.

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Ah yes, good ol static electricity. I've been getting my own fair share of shocks today. I remember back in high school, a running vandergraaf generator was sitting on the table a friend and I were using. I went to raise my hand and a fully visible arc of static jumped about a foot and a half from my friend's arm to mine. It didn't hurt too much but both of us yelped rather loudly.


Somethin like "Static" would be cooler but I think I would go with "Captain Sweater Shocker"


"Carpeted Man"

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