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Software Assurance is a dubious thing. On the one hand, it ensures that we have unlimited support for all of our Microsoft applications, and are free to call them at any time for assistance. On the other side, it means that I was at work until seven o'clock last night working with Microsoft. The problem is still not resolved. But since we have the Assurance, I'll get to talk to them some more. Probably for several hours more. It's great. But slow. Very slow.

Beyond that, nothing is happening. It' has been a long week, and it is finally Friday. Neither Ninsi nor myself has been sleeping well this week. I'm not real sure why, but it may be the weather. We haven't had the AC on for about two weeks now, and it may have warmed up just enough to make it necessary. I think we'll turn it on this evening and see if we sleep better.

I am working on redoing the website. It will still be a week or two before it is redone. Because I'm slow. But then you can all stop bitching about the links and the comments. Because it really seems like that is all you've got to do sometimes.

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Try a fan in the bedroom. Helps me a lot.

we already have a small fan on his bedstand and the cieling fan.

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