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Estrogen Influx

It's a ladies weekend at the maison this weekend. Ninsi's mother, grandmother, aunt, and trio of cousins are all coming to Dallas for a weekend of family filled female fun.

Me? Im going to Winstar with Zero for the evening. Not running away or anything like that. No. I'm merely giving Ninsi the opportunity to spend some quality time alone with her mom. I've nothing but the purest intent, I assure you.

Some of you may have noticed the Squid left a comment last night on the new 'dill'. She had just been bragging to me about her spelling abilities. I may have to have a word or two with her about it. Not that I really care about spelling, being a horrible speller myself, but, I get a pass on it by virtue of being the daddy.

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You guys should have called we were in Norman, and could have drove down and hung out.

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