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Exciting, we are...

Another Monday. Another day on the phone with Microsoft. I'm actually waiting for them to call me back this afternoon, having already spent some of the morning on the phone with them. The guy I was talking to decided he was going to have to get his supervisor or something involved, and that was going to take some time. So I wait.

Weekend news was largely uneventful. It was a good weekend though. Saturday, Ninsi took her class until 3 pm, and I just puttered around the house. Saturday night, we got really wild, and didn't get home until like 9 pm. Then we sat on the couch for the next few hours and watched Discovery Channel. Does a weekend really get more exciting than that? I think not.

Although, I did put Ninsi's hair into a couple dozen tiny braids while we watched the TV. I thought it looked pretty good, and may be something she should get a professional to do. It also had a lot of body when we took the braids out the next day. You can see a couple pictures on her textamerica page.

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