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Heat Sink

When I started work here, I was given a fairly crappy PC with which to work. After about a year or so, I was able to snag a much better machine, which I still use. My old one, I kept under my desk for test use. I finally broke it completely. So today, I opened it up to see if it had any salvageable bits in it. I'd already taken out the firewire card and ethernet card, but the video card was still there, so I took it out.

It was a really horribly put together machine. Just stupid. But after unscrewing the EIGHT INCH LONG screws that were anchoring one compartment, I found the processor.

Here is a shot of the heat sink I took out of it. It is about 6 inches on a side. My pen is in front of it for perspective, but the white pen on a white desk didn't show very well.

Im also keeping the 8" bolts and giving them to Ninsi as hair sticks. I give the best gifts... (well, at least Im thinking of her, right?)

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A heatsink the size of a small Buick, amazingly the heat makes great music, if you pick at it, One funny thing to consider is that if you placed it on your coffee table, it would probably serve for more years as a interesting musical trinket than it ever did as a computer component. Time is cruel to pc equipment.

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