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Monkey server

I have a great dislike for the hordes of fellow websurfers out there today. The world over. American Express is offering some holiday specials for the next week or so. Today, on a first come, first serve basis, they had 37" plasma TVs for $750. (retail $2500). There were probably a few million people that clicked trying to get one of those 50 televisions. I wanted one. It would have fit nicely in the living room. On the wall. Damn other web people. Keeping me from my tv.

Next Monday, they offer is a Land Rover. Retail - $55,000. If you click first, you get it for $5000. That's a pretty damn good deal, if you ask me. But Im sure the web monkeys will monkey the server so that I can't get it either. I think it may be inherenetly unfair to people that are more distant. I can't help but think that the more relays I have to hop through reduces my chances of getting through to the server against someone that is actually closer and only has maybe one hop to make.

Stupid web monkeys.

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