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Post Hallow

Failure to post yesterday was a direct result of being on the phone with Microsoft from the time I got back from lunch, until I finally left for the day. Over four hours. Sometimes, they really know what they are doing, and sometimes they don't. Either way, it will take them a goodly long while to get anywhere for you.

When I finally did make it home, Ninsi and I ate dinner, and basically waited for Halloweeners to come for our candy. And cleaned in the meantime. We were expecting plenty of younglings, since there are dozens of kids on our street alone, and uncountable numbers in the near neighborhood.

We got about 10. Fairly disappointing turn-out, I think. Of course, I think Luna scared some of them quite a bit once. We don't need no steenking scary things hanging in the windows when we have a dog that goes off like a Hellbeast whenever someone knocks. She do be fearsome sounding.

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