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Tomorrow Harry Potter. Late. Probably will be a bit late coming in to work on Friday.

Spent most of the day installing and configuring a server. It seems like that is all I do anymore. I still have three more machines to install that I know of. One Linux, one Windows server, and one Windows desktop. But the desktop is for my own testing use at work, so it can wait til I'm ready to do it.

It finally got slightly chilly today. The lower 50s. Should be warmer tomorrow. We've been keeping both dogs outside during the day so Barley did not have to spend all his time in a crate. But with the temperature dropping, I dont know that Ninsi will allow that to continue. May have to start crating him again so Luna can have use of the dog door during the day. That is its purpose, after all.

I've decided I am not real fond of the end of the year. The last six weeks of the year are just way to busy.

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I second that. The end of the year is a boogerboo.

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