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This is the start of the new blog. Ive cut out almost everything. And may get rid of a couple of the remainders. The links at the top do not work yet. They will eventually. I will also get around to adding back the links to everyone else's blogs. I will probably even put in one or two new ones. Like to the Squid's blog (yes!) and Hopper.

Changes will be neither fast, nor furious. But they will happen.

Some of you may recall that Ninsi and I removed shrubs from the front of the house a while back, and planted rose bushes in their place. This weekend, the bushes began to bloom. This one is supposed to be 'pink.' Um, maybe when it fully opens. The other ones are white. Probably will get two more bushes soon to plant. The rose bushes are pretty much off-limits to Ninsi and her Thumb-of-Plant-Death.

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