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The physics of cow-tipping.

This article basically is trying to debunk the 'myth' of cow-tipping. That's all well and good. I am always in favor of physics being used to prove something just can't be done as people always claim it is done. I think the Canadiens that did the report, though, have missed out on a key fact of the tipping process.

Basically, they state that it would take roughly four people to tip a cow. Though two people could do it if they applied the force at the proper angle. But they go on to say that because the cow is living, and would move when someone started pushing on it, that there is no way they would be able to exert enough force long enough for it to move over. Because the cow will walk away.

The point being missed...? When you go to tip a cow, you and your bud do not walk up to the cow, put your hands on it, and push. No. You walk back about 20-25 feet. (or further, depending on how drunk you are, because if your drunk, it will work better if you run farther...) Then, you and your bud run at the cow and hit it firmly with your shoulders, thereby applying enough instantaneous force to cause the cow to tip over and crash to the ground.

At this point you run off, trying to not slip in manure (which you try really hard to avoid when running at the cow as well). You also hope that you haven't killed the cow by giving it a heart attack, and that you haven't dislocated your shoulder by slamming into a half-ton slightly-moveable object.

And No. I have not been cow-tipping.

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you sure seem to know alot about to claim to have no actual experience.

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