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December 2, 2005


The small IT department of which I am a member got a little bit smaller today. Demi was released and had to pack up his little box of stuff and walk out. Actually, it was like three boxes, and he used a cart to take it all down. But that doesn't instill quite the same image.

I'll see him tonight at Bone Daddy's as several of us were already planning to gather there this evening anyway. I'll buy him a beer in which to commisserate.

From the realm of nauseating festivness: Our neighbors have put up several Christmas decorations in their front yard. There are three large blow up santa things. One is the grinch santa. One is like scrooge or something. And one is a cow. The cow makes zero sense. They also have a lot of other random lights and stuff. All around a very gaudy, somewhat confusing, display.

A picture? Maybe later.

December 5, 2005

Im being used!

Tonight is the company Holiday Party. (Jesus forbid you call it a Christmas Party). Since Ninsi has class tonight, she is unable to go. I'm taking a friend of her from work instead. She admits she is only going for the free food! Is this what women feel like after inebriated sex with a stranger? Because it isn't real bad. Cuz, we all got to eat, and stuff, right?

The weekend was thoroughly uneventfull outside of the Monketo party. I did manage to wrap quite a few presents, put up the Christmas tree, do laundry, do dishes, bathe the dog, watch March of the Penguins, and make a little headway on my framing projects. It was uneventful, not devoid of activity.

Coming soon: A full belly - curtesy of the employer!

December 6, 2005


Company holiday party was last night, and it was surprisingly good. Ran into a little traffic on the way, but I had left the house early so still made it to the restaurant by seven. Peanut showed up about half an hour later. Good food was had, and lots of drinking was done.

Ninsi thought about coming out, but I didnt expect to be there all night, and it might have been a little odd with her showing up mid-meal. Everyone asked about her though. Except the ones that instantly assumed Peanut was actually Ninsi.

I did wind up taking one of the other managers home. He was completely goofy blitzed. Could barely tell me which way to his house. And he fell asleep at one point and we missed his street. But, we made it there eventually.

I got home around midnight, and neither one of the dogs barked. They failed at intruder detection. I wouldn't give them enough credit to think they actually knew it was me coming in.

December 8, 2005

The Big Chill

It finally got cold in Texas. And it has made for a real nice work week. I went to work Monday, and left a little early for the Holiday party. Tuesday I worked from home. It got cold and slightly rainy on Wednesday, so I left work shortly after work to avoid any traffic problems the sleet might cause. And today, the office was closed due to the weather, so I was able to stay home again. I'll be sure to try to put in a full day tomorrow. ;) I have managed to be productive at the house, so it has all been good.

The internet at the house here has been slow the past couple of days. Pages take too long to load, or fail completely. I'm going to start looking at possibly getting DSL instead. Maybe getting the whole phone, tv, internet bundle. Ninsi will have use of a home phone anyway once she moves to her new posistion, so it will probably be a good thing for us all around.

December 9, 2005

at it again

Back at work. It's early afternoon, and I've put in the better part of a full day. Managed to actually get some things accomplished yesterday at the house with the free day. Mainly chore-type stuff, but it needed doing. Laundry and dishes, and general PC organization. Stuff I'd been putting off and off and off for way too long. Now that I have started on it somewhat, it should be easier to keep up with for a while.

Tonight I believe we are going to go see the Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Probably also have dinner. Then tomorrow it is off to Edmond for fun family times. Then back to Dallas tomorrow night, and depending on how we feel, we may go to a party being done by someone I work with. That's still a grande maybe though.

December 12, 2005


Been on the phone with Microsoft most of the day.
Trying to go home now.
Not enough worth typing.
Maybe tomorrow I will regale with the tales of the drive to Edmond and back. It was woefully unexciting.

December 13, 2005


I realized sometime this morning that my hair was too long. And had been for some time. I knew this. But had accepted it, and was planning to wait until around February to get it cut. Too long a wait, that. So I called, and the girl I like was able to do it today. So I got it done. If she hadn't been there, it probably would have waited til February. I think that is part of the reason it didnt get cut a couple months ago. Because I didn't want to go to someone new, and the one I wanted was out to lunch or whatever.

So, my hair is not so long any more. Im sure to use an excessive amount of shampoo in the morning though out of habit.

Little else of note. Ninsi finished her class. We had dinner. Christmas is approaching fast, but first, possible tranny stripper. Then New Years Fiesta. Then a new year, and maybe a switch to DSL. That's what's really occupying my mind these days. Such important things.

December 14, 2005

Rough year

Four times this calendar year, and five times since last October, a parent of one of my friends has died. These people are all my age. So it is a little unsettling. There was no common factor either. One was taken by cancer, one from a viral infection, and I think a heart attack on another. Not to sure what happened on the other two. Alcoholism was a major factor in one. Though not the killer itself, it does cause such a breakdown of the system that the body eventually can't recover, so it may as well be the cause.

Four moms and a dad. A least one of them had a daughter, but all of the people I knew where the sons. So maybe that was the common factor. Parents of sons that I know... hmm. Although, they all knew each other as well, so still nothing.

It's sad. It sucks. And it's one more thing that makes me thing that maybe, just maybe, I am starting to get old. Of course, having lunch with a twenty year old girl and listening to her issues is another way to make one feel real old, real quick.

Not that I've done that since uh, lunch...

Edit: It seems the father of a girl I know, (still my age group) passed last week. So that's another. Can we end this year now? Like, now?

December 15, 2005

puppy power

Went to the car this morning and started it. It was a little cool, and the windows were frosted over, so I was going to let it warm up a little. I heard a whimpering noise, and thought that maybe Barley had gotten out of the back yard, and was now under the car. But no, it wasn't Barley. It was this...

Really didnt know what to do with her. Couldn't leave her in the house all day since we were going to be gone, and heading to the Holiday party after work and wont be home until tomorrow evening. The other dogs wanted to play rough, and Ninsi wasn't comfortable with that. Ultimately, we left her in the front with some food/water and a blanket. If she is there when I get home, then I will put her in a crate, and bring her to work tomorrow. There's a woman here that will take her. But really, just had nothing that we could do with her today.

December 16, 2005

Time away from home

An open bar. The game Twister. A bottle of Baby Oil.

All the trappings needed for a debaucherous evening that would shame Bachaus. All were present when we attended the holiday party for Ninsi's work last night. The potential was left unrealized, however, and things remained fairly pedestrian.

Ninsi and I did stay the night at the hotel, since an extra room was booked, and no one else was going to use it. I'm sure by now the dogs probably think we have completly deserted them. Hopefully, they will have not destroyed the kitchen in our absence.

My mom called me yesterday. Her grandson (my nephew) told her than all he wanted was an iPod mini. Mom barely knows what that is. And wasn't real thrilled when I told her that it was way, way, too late in the season to be trying to find that particular must-have gift. Yes, I could get, but for about $80-$100 more than she'd willing to spend on it.

Nephew may have to settle for a rain-check for Christmas. That, or some new pants. What all the cool kids are getting...

December 19, 2005

uh, no.

A few months ago, I posted a few emails that I had received randomly from a gentleman wishing me to join him at a party he was organizing. Not my kind of party. So I just ignored the emails. Last night, I received a new email, from a different gentleman, and I think he was wanting something similar. All he did though was send two pictures. One was a head shot. Okay, both pictures were head shots, just separated by the torso...

I need to figure out from where they are getting my email address, and put a stop to it. Surely my lack of reply is causing them strife? Right?

In other news, I got a senior citizens discount at KFC today. I also don't think I got charged for the large drink I didn't order. I pointed this out, and the girl said "eh, I give everyone the discount." So, a marketing company going off of the KFC sales demographics would expect to see just a whole line of senior citizens scurrying up and down the road toting their free large drinks. May not be to far from it, at that.

December 20, 2005


Fine, so none of you care that I am being stalked by "the gays." Maybe they are simply typing an email address incorrectly. But maybe I'm not crazy!

I keep saying 'pack' instead of 'wrap' when referring to Christmas presents. I've given up on trying to correct myself. I will have to pack before going up to Oklahoma, and I think it all falls into the same catagory in my head. But I am done with all the wrapping. Finished last night, and exactly used the last of the paper that we had. Two rolls of what Ninsi got for Christmas wrappings, and one roll of paper that looks like it was for wrapping of wedding gifts that Demi left at the house about 6 months ago. I dont know why anyone would ever need a whole roll of wedding wrapping paper.

Oh, did I mentioned? We got a 12' conference table. It's in the garage now, waiting for me to put it together. It is a project that I expect to tackle in the Spring. Why do we have it? It was free, and too nice to throw away. So I will either cut it up and use the wood, or put it together and use it for poker. Yes, it is a little big for poker, but not if we were going to use two tables anyway.

December 22, 2005

brief hiatus

Was out yesterday. leaving early today.
Still have to do some cleaning and packing, and then loading of the car, and then it is off to the great wild frontier of Oklahoma for the Christmas holiday.

I'll be back Tuesday or so.

December 27, 2005


Christmas is over. It was good. Last year, the theme of gifts received seemed to be 'alcohol.' Shot glasses, party buddy, etc. This year, it was 'cooking'. Ninsi and i received no less than four items for cooking, and at least one cookbook. A couple of nice Pampered Chef Stoneware items, and a brand farking new rotisserie.

I couldn't wait to try out the rotisserie, so we went to the store last night, and I bought a couple chickens, and roasted one up. Zero and Demi came over and it was a pretty darn good dinner. Took a little over an hour to cook the bird, but considering you dont have to do anything with it once you put it in, it was pretty frelling easy.

I had a moment of great disappointment though yesterday. I had been planning for a while now to buy a refrigerator kit so that I could put a couple beer taps in the spare fridge, and then get two pony kegs of Shiner (one Bock, one Blonde). But when I went to the Kool Keg in Arlington, I was informed that Shiner did not make the 1/4 kegs. My whole plan ruined. Unless I wanted to go with Bud/Bud Light.

There is hope, however. I sent an email to Shiner asking why this was so, and the lady wrote back promptly telling me that they did indeed have 1/4 kegs in some areas. And if I could just hold off on going for that Bud, she will check where in Dallas I could get one! So, the dream of the pony keg lives on...

December 28, 2005


I forget most of what I had to say. It happens now and again. My friend Prosper was in town last night from Chicago. She was in town for a few days with her family doing some post-Christmas shopping. Ninsi and I drove up to Stonebriar mall last night to visit with her awhile. She is going to be the best 'man' in the wedding, so I figured we should make the effort to see her before April. We went up, had a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and she took home the shirt I'll be wearing so that she will be able to find a coordinating dress. I think Ninsi and I were a welcome respite from the other eighteen family members she had been hanging out with up to that point.

Not much else ongoing. Had lunch today at Souper Salad with Supersue, and we discussed my potential groom's cake. And I ate this:

The angle of the picture really doesn't do justice to the height of the salad.

December 29, 2005


Failed to get enough sleep last night. It was after three in the morning when Ninsi and I made it home. We had gone to Zero's to play some games, and wound up playing til way too late in the morning. Especially since we were the only two that actually had to get up in the morning to come to work. The game was okay. But not good enough for 3 am.

So I have sleepwalked through work today. Waiting til it is late enough that I can go home. Ninsi went home around noon. And she can take a nap, but I won't lay down until normal bedtime again. Got plenty to get done at the house tonight before sleep. I'd like to get it fairly clean so we have that much less to worry about tomorrow night and Saturday.

Little else going on. Trying to find a new Rehearsal dinner location. Again, I think I had something else to comment on, but it has completely deserted me.

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