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I realized sometime this morning that my hair was too long. And had been for some time. I knew this. But had accepted it, and was planning to wait until around February to get it cut. Too long a wait, that. So I called, and the girl I like was able to do it today. So I got it done. If she hadn't been there, it probably would have waited til February. I think that is part of the reason it didnt get cut a couple months ago. Because I didn't want to go to someone new, and the one I wanted was out to lunch or whatever.

So, my hair is not so long any more. Im sure to use an excessive amount of shampoo in the morning though out of habit.

Little else of note. Ninsi finished her class. We had dinner. Christmas is approaching fast, but first, possible tranny stripper. Then New Years Fiesta. Then a new year, and maybe a switch to DSL. That's what's really occupying my mind these days. Such important things.

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