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Fine, so none of you care that I am being stalked by "the gays." Maybe they are simply typing an email address incorrectly. But maybe I'm not crazy!

I keep saying 'pack' instead of 'wrap' when referring to Christmas presents. I've given up on trying to correct myself. I will have to pack before going up to Oklahoma, and I think it all falls into the same catagory in my head. But I am done with all the wrapping. Finished last night, and exactly used the last of the paper that we had. Two rolls of what Ninsi got for Christmas wrappings, and one roll of paper that looks like it was for wrapping of wedding gifts that Demi left at the house about 6 months ago. I dont know why anyone would ever need a whole roll of wedding wrapping paper.

Oh, did I mentioned? We got a 12' conference table. It's in the garage now, waiting for me to put it together. It is a project that I expect to tackle in the Spring. Why do we have it? It was free, and too nice to throw away. So I will either cut it up and use the wood, or put it together and use it for poker. Yes, it is a little big for poker, but not if we were going to use two tables anyway.

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I for one applaud your open mindedness.

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