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Company holiday party was last night, and it was surprisingly good. Ran into a little traffic on the way, but I had left the house early so still made it to the restaurant by seven. Peanut showed up about half an hour later. Good food was had, and lots of drinking was done.

Ninsi thought about coming out, but I didnt expect to be there all night, and it might have been a little odd with her showing up mid-meal. Everyone asked about her though. Except the ones that instantly assumed Peanut was actually Ninsi.

I did wind up taking one of the other managers home. He was completely goofy blitzed. Could barely tell me which way to his house. And he fell asleep at one point and we missed his street. But, we made it there eventually.

I got home around midnight, and neither one of the dogs barked. They failed at intruder detection. I wouldn't give them enough credit to think they actually knew it was me coming in.

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You need a Pomeranian...

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