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Failed to get enough sleep last night. It was after three in the morning when Ninsi and I made it home. We had gone to Zero's to play some games, and wound up playing til way too late in the morning. Especially since we were the only two that actually had to get up in the morning to come to work. The game was okay. But not good enough for 3 am.

So I have sleepwalked through work today. Waiting til it is late enough that I can go home. Ninsi went home around noon. And she can take a nap, but I won't lay down until normal bedtime again. Got plenty to get done at the house tonight before sleep. I'd like to get it fairly clean so we have that much less to worry about tomorrow night and Saturday.

Little else going on. Trying to find a new Rehearsal dinner location. Again, I think I had something else to comment on, but it has completely deserted me.

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