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Christmas is over. It was good. Last year, the theme of gifts received seemed to be 'alcohol.' Shot glasses, party buddy, etc. This year, it was 'cooking'. Ninsi and i received no less than four items for cooking, and at least one cookbook. A couple of nice Pampered Chef Stoneware items, and a brand farking new rotisserie.

I couldn't wait to try out the rotisserie, so we went to the store last night, and I bought a couple chickens, and roasted one up. Zero and Demi came over and it was a pretty darn good dinner. Took a little over an hour to cook the bird, but considering you dont have to do anything with it once you put it in, it was pretty frelling easy.

I had a moment of great disappointment though yesterday. I had been planning for a while now to buy a refrigerator kit so that I could put a couple beer taps in the spare fridge, and then get two pony kegs of Shiner (one Bock, one Blonde). But when I went to the Kool Keg in Arlington, I was informed that Shiner did not make the 1/4 kegs. My whole plan ruined. Unless I wanted to go with Bud/Bud Light.

There is hope, however. I sent an email to Shiner asking why this was so, and the lady wrote back promptly telling me that they did indeed have 1/4 kegs in some areas. And if I could just hold off on going for that Bud, she will check where in Dallas I could get one! So, the dream of the pony keg lives on...

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We also received a rotisserie for Christmas. Methinks the crock pot will gather dust now.

I dont think I understand why the crock pot will gather dust. I mean, the Rotisserie and the Crock Pot are complimentary items. Used in a kitchen dance of conjunction and harmony. One is not an upgrade of the other, unless all you ever cook in the pot is a roast. In which case you should have your kitchen card revoked for debasing the Crock Pot to preforming only the most mudane of tasks.

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