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puppy power

Went to the car this morning and started it. It was a little cool, and the windows were frosted over, so I was going to let it warm up a little. I heard a whimpering noise, and thought that maybe Barley had gotten out of the back yard, and was now under the car. But no, it wasn't Barley. It was this...

Really didnt know what to do with her. Couldn't leave her in the house all day since we were going to be gone, and heading to the Holiday party after work and wont be home until tomorrow evening. The other dogs wanted to play rough, and Ninsi wasn't comfortable with that. Ultimately, we left her in the front with some food/water and a blanket. If she is there when I get home, then I will put her in a crate, and bring her to work tomorrow. There's a woman here that will take her. But really, just had nothing that we could do with her today.

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