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Rough year

Four times this calendar year, and five times since last October, a parent of one of my friends has died. These people are all my age. So it is a little unsettling. There was no common factor either. One was taken by cancer, one from a viral infection, and I think a heart attack on another. Not to sure what happened on the other two. Alcoholism was a major factor in one. Though not the killer itself, it does cause such a breakdown of the system that the body eventually can't recover, so it may as well be the cause.

Four moms and a dad. A least one of them had a daughter, but all of the people I knew where the sons. So maybe that was the common factor. Parents of sons that I know... hmm. Although, they all knew each other as well, so still nothing.

It's sad. It sucks. And it's one more thing that makes me thing that maybe, just maybe, I am starting to get old. Of course, having lunch with a twenty year old girl and listening to her issues is another way to make one feel real old, real quick.

Not that I've done that since uh, lunch...

Edit: It seems the father of a girl I know, (still my age group) passed last week. So that's another. Can we end this year now? Like, now?

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