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The small IT department of which I am a member got a little bit smaller today. Demi was released and had to pack up his little box of stuff and walk out. Actually, it was like three boxes, and he used a cart to take it all down. But that doesn't instill quite the same image.

I'll see him tonight at Bone Daddy's as several of us were already planning to gather there this evening anyway. I'll buy him a beer in which to commisserate.

From the realm of nauseating festivness: Our neighbors have put up several Christmas decorations in their front yard. There are three large blow up santa things. One is the grinch santa. One is like scrooge or something. And one is a cow. The cow makes zero sense. They also have a lot of other random lights and stuff. All around a very gaudy, somewhat confusing, display.

A picture? Maybe later.

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I only found this out after dinner Friday. Hate it for the brotha.

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