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The Big Chill

It finally got cold in Texas. And it has made for a real nice work week. I went to work Monday, and left a little early for the Holiday party. Tuesday I worked from home. It got cold and slightly rainy on Wednesday, so I left work shortly after work to avoid any traffic problems the sleet might cause. And today, the office was closed due to the weather, so I was able to stay home again. I'll be sure to try to put in a full day tomorrow. ;) I have managed to be productive at the house, so it has all been good.

The internet at the house here has been slow the past couple of days. Pages take too long to load, or fail completely. I'm going to start looking at possibly getting DSL instead. Maybe getting the whole phone, tv, internet bundle. Ninsi will have use of a home phone anyway once she moves to her new posistion, so it will probably be a good thing for us all around.

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I'm actually kinda annoyed at work being closed today. I was supposed go clean my cube and stuff. Now I have to come in tomorrow so I can grab some stuff I left behind and drop off keys and keycard. Bah.

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