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Time away from home

An open bar. The game Twister. A bottle of Baby Oil.

All the trappings needed for a debaucherous evening that would shame Bachaus. All were present when we attended the holiday party for Ninsi's work last night. The potential was left unrealized, however, and things remained fairly pedestrian.

Ninsi and I did stay the night at the hotel, since an extra room was booked, and no one else was going to use it. I'm sure by now the dogs probably think we have completly deserted them. Hopefully, they will have not destroyed the kitchen in our absence.

My mom called me yesterday. Her grandson (my nephew) told her than all he wanted was an iPod mini. Mom barely knows what that is. And wasn't real thrilled when I told her that it was way, way, too late in the season to be trying to find that particular must-have gift. Yes, I could get, but for about $80-$100 more than she'd willing to spend on it.

Nephew may have to settle for a rain-check for Christmas. That, or some new pants. What all the cool kids are getting...

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