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uh, no.

A few months ago, I posted a few emails that I had received randomly from a gentleman wishing me to join him at a party he was organizing. Not my kind of party. So I just ignored the emails. Last night, I received a new email, from a different gentleman, and I think he was wanting something similar. All he did though was send two pictures. One was a head shot. Okay, both pictures were head shots, just separated by the torso...

I need to figure out from where they are getting my email address, and put a stop to it. Surely my lack of reply is causing them strife? Right?

In other news, I got a senior citizens discount at KFC today. I also don't think I got charged for the large drink I didn't order. I pointed this out, and the girl said "eh, I give everyone the discount." So, a marketing company going off of the KFC sales demographics would expect to see just a whole line of senior citizens scurrying up and down the road toting their free large drinks. May not be to far from it, at that.

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