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In a 2.12 oz bag of Zoo Animal Crackers by Austin, there are probably 35 or so individual crackers. I didn't exactly count them out though, so I could be off by as much as 10.

Some animals appear to be more strongly represented than other, though. This is a sampling from one bag, so it may not be representative. However, in my bag, there was

1 penguin
1 turtle
1.5 monkey
2 owls
2 rabbits

The other animals, - Polar Bear, Camel, Elephant, Lion, Horse, and Rhinocerous were represented by three or four crackers each. It seemed like every other cracker was a lion. And I am really starting to wonder if maybe I wasn't cheated out of some animal completely? Maybe there is a lemur or seal cracker that did not make it into my bag. Does anyone know the full range of animals that are supposed to be in a bag? What kind of quality control should I be expecting in my animal crackers?

I want my lemur, damnit!

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Not the list of animals available, but someone who reviewed your snack:

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