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Last night, FJ probably felt an almost unresistable urge to come to Dallas. She probably didn't know what caused it, but I do - In the garage, I donned my self-made armor.

The overt manliness thereby created caused small female woodland creatures to simply expire. Young girls and old women for a 20 mile radius found themselves swooning. The vivacious started to leave their homes as they were drawn towards me.

I had Ninsi take a couple pictures so I could put it up on eBay. Then I took it off before society broke down in estrogen fueled rioting. I made this stuff 8-9 years ago, and have more or less replaced it with some brighter, lighter, better that I have hand made. So it is time to pass this on. Maybe someone will buy it.

And now, ladies, something to print out and put on your wall...

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I'm quite certain, that if not for the login requirement, your comments section would be full of swooning feminine commentary.


oh that's what that was.

Awww. The return of Joxur the Mighty!

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