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Squid blog

The Squid's blog is no more. The domain has expired on her. When I talked to her yesterday, I told her that I would pay for it to stay online, if she wanted to keep it, but she declined. Citing a lack of writing to the blog on her part. Didn't feel it was worth it. So I may try to talk her into a blogger account later. Until then, onesinglekiss.com is defunct.

Picked up Ender's Game yesterday. Should be a quick read. I've been trying to find it in Half-Price for a few months. Finally happened upon it when I tried a Half-Price that I'd never been in before. Hurray for branching out at lunchtime.

And from the People Still Think Im Someone Im Not department: it's not a gay thing this time, but I did receive email today from someone, and they included the password I needed that granted full access to their site. Why can't some rich old fart mistakenly, but too late to change it, put me into their will instead of the random emails that I really can't use?

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