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I believe I have already told the tale of the Shiner keg. Where I couldn't find them in the keg store, so I emailed Shiner, and the rep said she thought they had the pony kegs and would find out where I could get them, and then later informed me that No, they were no longer available because people were not returning the containers so Shiner discontinued them? (holy run-on Batman!) Well, they still do not make 1/4 kegs anymore, but today the nice Shiner lady sent me an email asking for my address so that should could send me some "cool Shiner gear." Maybe even a tap handle if she can scrounge one up. I wont get my hopes up for the tap handle. And the only other gear I can imagine would be coozies and coasters. But maybe I will get something.

In other news, Im wicked tired. Went to bed after midnight, and woke up around 5:15 this morning, and never did go back to sleep.

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