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Called Comcast today and cancelled them. Internet and cable. gone. poof.

Yesterday, we got Dish TV installed, and hooked up the DSL modem. We weren't supposed to have DSL until today, but it was working last night. The smart fellows that built our house had the forethought to only put telephone jacks in the master bedroom, and the kitchen. This works out completely not at all for us. The Dish TV requires a telephone line. I'm not sure for what exactly (I intend to find out), but all the installer would say about it was that if we unplugged the phone line, they would charge another $5.99 just because.

So, we had to put the primary receiver in the master bedroom with that phone jack. And that is also where the DSL modem has to be connected. That wasn't really what I had envisioned in the beginning, but it is what we have to work with. So, I spent an inordinate amount of time last night setting up the DSL modem, and the router. I could get internet just fine with a single machine plugged into the modem, but once I connected the router, I got nothing. Unless I connected it incorrectly, in which case 1 machine could get internet, and the others got ip conflicts. It was the conflicts messages that finally let me figure out the problem. Apparently the DSL modem installs itself with the same address I had used on the router. So they weren't getting along very well. Once I changed the address on the router to a new subnet, everything was peachy. Of course, I dont have a wireless card in my desktop PC, so it doesn't have internet. I'll probably run a long cable tonight and get a wireless card for it next week.

But we have lots of channels to not watch on TV now.

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