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What's in a name?

So, I think that both Ninsi and I utterly forgot to mention one of the more interesting bits of the Christmas holiday. Many of you know the Squid's mother - Namween, and Ninsi, actually have similar sounding RL names. I accidently interchange them both ways all the time. So do most of the people in my family. We know right away we've said the wrong name, but it has become a fact of life, with which Ninsi has learned to deal.

My dad's wife, however, took it to a new level at Christmas. She said Namween twice when speaking to Ninsi, and Ninsi actually corrected her. She (dad's wife) then got a slightly mortified look on her face and admitted that she had addressed all the presents to us as Phlome and Namween. Not Phlome and Ninsi. Thankfully, it was just cards and nametags, nothing permanent. That would have been way funny.

She knows Ninsi and Namween are different people. Has met them both before though it was years ago for Namween. She knows both their names. I dont know why she how she managed to completely forget it for the holiday.

Good times...

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and I'll remind you again - it's not something I have had to recently learn to deal with. It's something I've dealt with my whole life. I've gotten called her name many many times by people who don't know her, and long before I ever met you. It's just a fact of life when your name sounds so much like another common girls name.


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