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February 1, 2006


Dance? Yes, you will.

I do not regularly check my web stats any more. It's mundane. But today I did while i was poking at other things. I found three things noteworthy.
1) I got more visitors from South Korea than any other nation, except the US.
2) One visitor was using WebTV. omg.
3) A French comic web forum has a link to my DCon pics.

Little else going beyond that. Finally figured out how to distribute software via SMS at work. Kinda nifty. Debating on buying a couple books. I think I may have to get The Plucker. I've been indecisive about it since I first saw it back before Christmas. But since I look at it most times I go to B&N, I reckon I'll just get it.


You remember my shiner/pony keg issue from a month ago? Well, they were supposed to send me some 'cool shiner gear.' I emailed them yesterday asking what happened to it, and got this response...

"Oddly enough, it was supposed to get to you yesterday. But FEDEX launched it over the gate at 1713 instead of having you sign for it. Your neighbor was nice enough to call me to tell me they'd made a 'mistake.' FedEx was supposed to pick it up from 1713 today and deliver it to you."

Way to be utterly incompetent, FedEx. Doubly so because if they launch it over my gate into our yard, the dog probably would destroy it before I got home.

February 2, 2006

shiner saga II

I should have received my goodies from Shiner yesterday. But I wasn't home much. Today, I sent an email to the Shiner rep with whom I have been dealing, asking her if she could get me a tracking number or something so that I would have a better idea of where my stuff was, and she responded with this:

"I am SO sorry about this. We are having some trouble with the local FedEx people. I’ve referred this whole situation to our CEO. Apparently, your neighbor called FedEx himself because they never picked up your package. They were extraordinarily rude to him and told him to deliver the package himself! Now, I’m sure he’d be happy to do it on your behalf – but he certainly shouldn’t have to! We are contacting the FedEx supervisor so that this can get resolved quickly and CORRECTLY."

So, there you go. And no, I have never met this neighbor. FedEx is continuing to be utterly incompetent. And I will continue to link them as such until they prove otherwise.
The fun part is that now the CEO of Shiner knows. I am just a insignificant end user for FedEx. Shiner, though, is a stupdefyingly well know brand in Texas. I bet I get my goodies now.

February 3, 2006

Shiner - fin

Ninsi worked from home today. So she was there when it arrived. Not by FedEx, which continues to be utterly incompetent, but rather by the nice neighbor whom I've never met. He dropped the package off before Ninsi could meet him as well.

The tap handle is particularly impressive. Pictures say so much more than words, as we all know, so here is what Shiner sent me...

February 14, 2006


Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for a couple of days. Something at the webhost must have become severly fucked up. The site is back up, but I appear to have lost a weeks work of data. And I dont know how much email is gone for good.

Probably broke the commenting too. Guess I should look into that.


It was cold this weekend. I know. I spent most of Saturday morning outside on the roof of the garage with no windbreak. It was cold. Why? To find, and fix, a leak.

I noticed a small leak in the utility room several months ago after a prolonged rain. It has happened once since then. It seems to occur when we had a lot of rain, not necessarily forceful, just constant. I naturally assumed there was a leak in the balcony deck. The previous owners had covered it with astroturf, so it was difficult to see what was really going on. Donut came over early though, and we ripped the whole thing out.

What we found surprised us. The original builders had built the deck properly. But the owners had come and tried to put sealant between the deck boards, then covered it with plastic, and then astroturf. This had the effect of collecting water and warping what was an otherwise perfectly good deck. The previous owners were idiots. Once we got everything ripped up, we realized the problem wasn't the deck at all, but the door threshold. It was not sealed as well as it should be and water had collected and rotted through under the threshold. Then dripped straight into the utility room.

End result: New threshold on the door, and a whole new balcony deck. That actually looks like a deck is supposed to look, and not covered in nasty astroturf.

February 16, 2006


When we rebuilt the deck, I just threw all of the old lumber down into the backyard. Some of it broke on impact, but most of it was useless anyway. Cleaned that up yesterday, as well as picked up a bunch of the other large items that were in the back yard and needing to be tossed. Hopefully the trash guys will come by with the crane truck tomorrow and get it all.

I got everything out except one of the posts that used to anchor the hammock (which Barley subsequently ate). I wiggled the first one, and pulled it up without issue. The second one, I wiggled, and wiggled, and kicked, but it wouldn't budge. So I started digging.

They buried it in concrete. That's fine. That is how it should have been done. But the first one wasn't. It seems like almost everything the previous owners did was done half-right. Like someone came over, started a project and said "Okay, I've shown you the right way to do it, so now you can finish up." And after that guy left, they just glued shit together. Morons, they were.

February 20, 2006

called on account of ice

We were scheduled to go to Edmond on Saturday. But it got cold. Really, quite cold. So I woke up at 7 am Saturday morning, and checked the weather. It was bad enough for Dallas, but Edmond was much worse. Single digits there. And too much ice to attempt a 200+ mile drive. So Ninsi and I ran other errands. Namely, we picked up the Squid's dress for the wedding and spent most of the afternoon in Lewisville.

Oh, Friday night, we went to dinner with Khuul and Demi, and then went back to the house and played some Heroes of Asfar. I suspect that I am one of less than 500 people that actually own that game. Why? Because only 500 were made, and when I bought mine 7 years ago, it was number 400 something. like 429 or so.

Mostly, this weekend, we cleaned. The house and the dogs. The backyard is very muddle from the constant drizzle, and Luna was brown. So she got a bath, as did Barley. They stayed clean only as long as they were inside. I'll try to post the picture in the next couple days.

Oh, and the dogs are trying to dig under the fence on the south side. That is the side with the new neighbors that have a rabbit they just let run around. Wonder why the dogs are trying to dig under? Wonder if I can call Animal Control on the neighbor's rabbit because it is exciting my dogs to dig under the fence? Which is causing the neighbor to have to put lots of crap up on his side so they dogs can't get through. It's some kind of weird cycle.

February 21, 2006

It's in the can

Once upon a time, in college, I was at the grocery store with a buddy of mine - Yar. He bought a can of soup. I believe that is the only thing he bought. One of those little cans of soup that you stick the whole thing in a microwave and heat it up and it's ready to eat. He got it back home, and about that point realized that he had absolutely no way to heat it up. No stove. No Microwave. I dont think he even had a spoon. He had to eat his Soup in a Can, cold. Later, he went to Russia. I expect the cold soup prepared him well for that.

February 22, 2006

Superflous G

Some words bother me. Specifically, the way some words are spelled. Today, I was typing out the word 'campaign.' I know how to spell it. But I just really didn't want to put that G in there. It has no purpose. It has no business in the word, and is completely worthless. What is the rule for putting a G before an N? It's a little too common, really. Why is it even allowed if it doesn't actually add anything. Or are we all mispronouncing these words?

February 23, 2006

Drugs is bad

Just ask Ninsi. No, better yet, don't. She is fairly incomprehensible from her OTC cold medication.

Taking tomorrow off to go to OK and hang out with the Squid. Probably will do her birthday shopping this weekend while I'm there. Normally I would wait until a little closer to April, but I do not think we'll make it back up in the month of March. And we'll be out of the country for half of April, so her birthday comes early this year. I think she wants a DDR. (dance dance revolution)

Im also getting a massage tomorrow. Never had one of those, professional like. No Happy Ending though. And Im okay with that, since it's a dude that is giving the massage. Yeah.

February 27, 2006

Check out da hoe!

Firstly, for Jessy, I have this:
Learn to speak Aztec
Because it's really nothing I care about.

Secondly, I have bought a hoe. Because I plan to plant garden type stuff. March is planting month, so I've got to get a move on it and hoe up the garden fairly quickly. Then build a dog/rabbit proof fence, then plant.

Come Summer, I'll have some right succulent tomatoes at my beck and call. I also bought pruning shears. You know, because I have to prune stuff too.

February 28, 2006


My key-card is gone. I know not where.

I haven't seen it since about Thursday. And today at lunch, I thoroughly searched through my car, (and gave it a good vacuuming while i was at it), and still could not find it. So, it is either somewhere in Oklahoma, or very well hidden in the house. I'll look at the house again before I give it up entirely for gone, but Im not expecting much, at this point.
At least I dont have to pay for a replacement. Since Ive had the one for over two years, I can get a new one without charge to myself. But if I lose the second, then they'll hit me for $10.

That's pretty much my day. Went to Dallas. Can't find key-card. Car is much cleaner than it was.

Oh, and I did manage to find something else that was thought lost, much to Ninsi's delight. Pictures of me as a wee lad that my mom had given her last year...

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