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My key-card is gone. I know not where.

I haven't seen it since about Thursday. And today at lunch, I thoroughly searched through my car, (and gave it a good vacuuming while i was at it), and still could not find it. So, it is either somewhere in Oklahoma, or very well hidden in the house. I'll look at the house again before I give it up entirely for gone, but Im not expecting much, at this point.
At least I dont have to pay for a replacement. Since Ive had the one for over two years, I can get a new one without charge to myself. But if I lose the second, then they'll hit me for $10.

That's pretty much my day. Went to Dallas. Can't find key-card. Car is much cleaner than it was.

Oh, and I did manage to find something else that was thought lost, much to Ninsi's delight. Pictures of me as a wee lad that my mom had given her last year...

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