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called on account of ice

We were scheduled to go to Edmond on Saturday. But it got cold. Really, quite cold. So I woke up at 7 am Saturday morning, and checked the weather. It was bad enough for Dallas, but Edmond was much worse. Single digits there. And too much ice to attempt a 200+ mile drive. So Ninsi and I ran other errands. Namely, we picked up the Squid's dress for the wedding and spent most of the afternoon in Lewisville.

Oh, Friday night, we went to dinner with Khuul and Demi, and then went back to the house and played some Heroes of Asfar. I suspect that I am one of less than 500 people that actually own that game. Why? Because only 500 were made, and when I bought mine 7 years ago, it was number 400 something. like 429 or so.

Mostly, this weekend, we cleaned. The house and the dogs. The backyard is very muddle from the constant drizzle, and Luna was brown. So she got a bath, as did Barley. They stayed clean only as long as they were inside. I'll try to post the picture in the next couple days.

Oh, and the dogs are trying to dig under the fence on the south side. That is the side with the new neighbors that have a rabbit they just let run around. Wonder why the dogs are trying to dig under? Wonder if I can call Animal Control on the neighbor's rabbit because it is exciting my dogs to dig under the fence? Which is causing the neighbor to have to put lots of crap up on his side so they dogs can't get through. It's some kind of weird cycle.

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