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It was cold this weekend. I know. I spent most of Saturday morning outside on the roof of the garage with no windbreak. It was cold. Why? To find, and fix, a leak.

I noticed a small leak in the utility room several months ago after a prolonged rain. It has happened once since then. It seems to occur when we had a lot of rain, not necessarily forceful, just constant. I naturally assumed there was a leak in the balcony deck. The previous owners had covered it with astroturf, so it was difficult to see what was really going on. Donut came over early though, and we ripped the whole thing out.

What we found surprised us. The original builders had built the deck properly. But the owners had come and tried to put sealant between the deck boards, then covered it with plastic, and then astroturf. This had the effect of collecting water and warping what was an otherwise perfectly good deck. The previous owners were idiots. Once we got everything ripped up, we realized the problem wasn't the deck at all, but the door threshold. It was not sealed as well as it should be and water had collected and rotted through under the threshold. Then dripped straight into the utility room.

End result: New threshold on the door, and a whole new balcony deck. That actually looks like a deck is supposed to look, and not covered in nasty astroturf.

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Sound's like your quite the handy-man

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