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When we rebuilt the deck, I just threw all of the old lumber down into the backyard. Some of it broke on impact, but most of it was useless anyway. Cleaned that up yesterday, as well as picked up a bunch of the other large items that were in the back yard and needing to be tossed. Hopefully the trash guys will come by with the crane truck tomorrow and get it all.

I got everything out except one of the posts that used to anchor the hammock (which Barley subsequently ate). I wiggled the first one, and pulled it up without issue. The second one, I wiggled, and wiggled, and kicked, but it wouldn't budge. So I started digging.

They buried it in concrete. That's fine. That is how it should have been done. But the first one wasn't. It seems like almost everything the previous owners did was done half-right. Like someone came over, started a project and said "Okay, I've shown you the right way to do it, so now you can finish up." And after that guy left, they just glued shit together. Morons, they were.

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I've just taken over the garden of my parents as my mother died. In the garden have been some vegetables like tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and basil growing yet. There are also tulips and roses. Do you have any suggetstions what I could grow there else?


Ha ha... sounds like a piece of hard work :) Keep it on!

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