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shiner saga II

I should have received my goodies from Shiner yesterday. But I wasn't home much. Today, I sent an email to the Shiner rep with whom I have been dealing, asking her if she could get me a tracking number or something so that I would have a better idea of where my stuff was, and she responded with this:

"I am SO sorry about this. We are having some trouble with the local FedEx people. I’ve referred this whole situation to our CEO. Apparently, your neighbor called FedEx himself because they never picked up your package. They were extraordinarily rude to him and told him to deliver the package himself! Now, I’m sure he’d be happy to do it on your behalf – but he certainly shouldn’t have to! We are contacting the FedEx supervisor so that this can get resolved quickly and CORRECTLY."

So, there you go. And no, I have never met this neighbor. FedEx is continuing to be utterly incompetent. And I will continue to link them as such until they prove otherwise.
The fun part is that now the CEO of Shiner knows. I am just a insignificant end user for FedEx. Shiner, though, is a stupdefyingly well know brand in Texas. I bet I get my goodies now.

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