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Patrick's Day Saint

Of something to that effect.

One more rose bush and I am done.
I'll probably attempt to procure it while I am out buying shoes. An endeavor which must be accomplished this weekend. They won't let me on the cruise in any of the shoes I currently own. Which means my flip flops will probably be hiding in my bag so I can stow them on discreetly. Can you be tossed overboard into the Mediterranean for dubious outfits and bad footware? I doubt it. I have a suspicion that they will want to toss me though. I will try to wear on the cruise what I am wearing today.

It's not too bad, right?

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Wow, that angle and distortion makes it look like I have skinny ass bird legs. Which is so totally not the case.



Apparently they throw you overboard in the Mediterranean for any number of innocuous reasons. Especially bridegooms.

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