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It has been raining nearly non-stop for two days now. All morning it has just been coming down in buckets. My front and back yards are both trying to flow away. Observe:

This is the empty lot next to us. Water is coming in from two directions, meeting at a right angle, and then flowing on down towards the white fence in the background. That is a huge pond developing around that fence. They may be getting actual flooding in that house.

This is the front yard. Note the large standing body of water. The brown water by the road is actually flowing steadily through the colvert.

The back yard. It's a little harder to see. But near the back fence, there is a steady stream that is actually creating the stream in the first picture.

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PayPal is being difficult and despite us telling the webhosts to pull money from our account, they are trying to pull money from paypal. We just don't keep $$ laying around in paypal. So looks like it'll be another few days before I'm back to blogging.
But don't worry, mainly you'd just be reading about my increased stress levels and wedding issues.
Damn rain's trying to ruin my wedding day.

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