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April 5, 2006


Without getting into the devilish details, everything went fairly smoothly. All things considered. There was rain before, there was rain after. We kept it outside, and were favored by the weather. Had it not been overcast and rainy, it would have been way to bloody hot. So, we pretty much got just about the best possible weather for it.

The weather wasn't as kind for photography. A lot of reflected light off the lake, and a general mist hanging in the air makes picture taking more difficult. However, when you have half a dozen people taking a couple hundred pictures each, you will get some good ones. We should be getting the professional pictures by the end of this week. I will put a few up online.

Nothing much left but to reclean the house and get ready for the cruise. We leave next Friday. My first overseas flight. Woo.

April 6, 2006


Did I mention the neighbors are building a wall? A 6 FOOT WALL?

They really must not like us. And yet, have never even bothered to try talking to us. Though the female neighbor does glare at Ninsi and me mightily whenever we leave the house. They called animal control on our dogs, they threw trash in our back yard, and now they are building a wall between us.

They (the contractors) also cut the phone line while digging the trench for the wall. I'm actually please about the wall part. It will save me quite a bit of money this Summer when I don't have to rebuild the fence along that side of the house.

So, Thursday, when I am on my way to the airport to pick up Prosper, I get a call from Ninsi who tells me that part of the fence has blown down. The is not near the wall side, so it was just the wind. I couldn't do anything about it since I was on the way to the airport, but figured I would deal with it with the help of my brothers later...

When I did arrive home, one of the contractors that had been working on the wall (which just has the foundation so far, no brickwork yet) was working on the across the street neighbor's landscaping. He walked over to me and told me part of our fence fell down, so they fixed it. I thanked him, and we talked briefly about the new wall going up.

Then I went inside, and realized that these mexican contractors that are building the wall, and working on the landscaping, and fixing my fence are like the Doozers from the old Fraggle Rock TV show. They just go around fixing things that are broke. And building new things where they can. They are very industrious. This group usually builds houses, but none are build built on our block now, so I think they are just doing all this other stuff.

Doozers. It made me laugh.

Oh yeah

I almost forgot:
Happy Birthday to me.

April 10, 2006


My roses are blooming. Starting to, anyway. I took a picture of one of them, yesterday, because it is a very small bush, and has on it one single, very large, pink rose. Huge rose, little plant. It is one of my new plants, but it seems to be doing pretty well. One of my other plants, that I put in last year is about to explode in roses. It has one in full bloom, and about 10 more that are going to open up this week. It's fabulous, I say.

In addition to rose gardening, I also cook. Ruby and her husband came over for dinner yesterday, and brought their wee one. I rotisseried up a chicken, and used the new deep fryer to make french fries. They were pretty damn good. Ninsi made quiche. Or something. It was supposed to be quiche, but it looked like a bunch of eggs exploded all over instead. I took a picture, which I will try to post later.

The wee-fay is really a wonderful cook from a pure taste-bud pleasing perspective. It's the presentation and optical pleasing that needs work. :)

April 11, 2006


Ive had a Mint Julep before. It's not a bad way to drink whiskey. But I dont think I'd pay $1,000 for it. But Im also not going to the Derby.

I offloaded pictures of rose and quiche last night, but did not upload them to the website. You'll have to live without. But the singular rose is even larger today. Friggin huge, it is.

Also, the neighbor lady seems to be trying to smile at us now. She is often outside working in her yard, and yesterday, instead of the usual glare, we appeared to try to smile. It was... bewildering.

Expect wedding pictures to go up after we return from Europe. Im still waiting on a few.

Oh, and I may try a new anti-comment spam technique if I can find time to implement it today or tomorrow. I have been getting 40-50 a day for the last couple weeks, and it's too much. I refuse to close the old entries so I need something. Hopefully, I wont break the whole thing.

F-you comment spam

New code implemented to combat comment spam.
To enter a comment, you must enter the code. It should cut down on the bot-spam significantly.

April 12, 2006


This will be the last entry for a couple weeks. Too much to do tomorrow to try to get something in, and Friday morning we leave to fly to Venice. We'll be mostly totally cut off from that point. It is conceivable that we could find an internet kiosk in Croatia, but I'll not be looking for it.

I just have to get the house ready to have us gone for two week. Mainly, I need to mow the yard. And make sure the dogs have enough food. Demi is going to house sit for us, which should work out well. I think our house is closer to his work that where he lives now, so it's win-win.

After we get back, pictures will be posted of the honeymoon and the wedding. Assuming I have pictures from everyone by then...

I'm sure we will be missed, but we'll be back soon. So, you know, be strong, and stuff.


April 27, 2006


Greece - well worth the visit. Will try to go back someday in the far flung future to actually spend more time on the islands.
Croatia - surprisingly really really nice.
Bari - Never ever go there. Try not to even think of it.

As Ninsi said, we have just over 1200 pictures to go through. Maybe 10% will be deleted as just bad. But most will survive, and some will go online. We also still have over 2000 pictures from the wedding to muck through. It will get done, we just needs some time. It is part of the weekend project.

And as a minor correction to what Ninsi said: Italians can make a schedule, no problem. But they can not hold to it. Once the schedule is actually made, the timing of events themselves loses all meaning and enters a 'it will happen when it happens' phase.

Oh, and the dog ate the couch while we were gone.

April 28, 2006

Take a chance

Seriously people, there is not enough ABBA in our lives. I don't know what to do about it, but there should be more. Who doesn't sing along with every ABBA song they hear? You hear a clip from a song and have to go queue it up on your playlist. They weren't a supergroup for nothing.

Ninsi managed to delete 37 of 1204 vacation pictures. So you know, it's a manageable number now... We're still working on it. Next week. Pictures will be posted somewhere. Some on here. Maybe some on Flickr or somesuch.

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