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My roses are blooming. Starting to, anyway. I took a picture of one of them, yesterday, because it is a very small bush, and has on it one single, very large, pink rose. Huge rose, little plant. It is one of my new plants, but it seems to be doing pretty well. One of my other plants, that I put in last year is about to explode in roses. It has one in full bloom, and about 10 more that are going to open up this week. It's fabulous, I say.

In addition to rose gardening, I also cook. Ruby and her husband came over for dinner yesterday, and brought their wee one. I rotisseried up a chicken, and used the new deep fryer to make french fries. They were pretty damn good. Ninsi made quiche. Or something. It was supposed to be quiche, but it looked like a bunch of eggs exploded all over instead. I took a picture, which I will try to post later.

The wee-fay is really a wonderful cook from a pure taste-bud pleasing perspective. It's the presentation and optical pleasing that needs work. :)

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I used my deep fryer recently too. There's nothing better than a successful fry.

I'm not a restaurant chef - I don't specialize in presentation.

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